behind the scenes...

Being a team board member can be one of the greatest leadership ventures
of your life! Participation can change you and 
your community for the better.

Whitnee Carlson

Menominee Early Childhood Services 

saYPro President<

Samantha Sperberg

Prey Insurance

saYPro Vice President

Karissa Kunschke


Brad Keuschel

Shawano Speciality Papers

Nicole Kunschke

CoVantage Credit Union

saYPro Admin. Support<

Nicole Wenman

1 Vision SC

Vaughn Bohm


Sam Schoenike

Schoenike Sharp Graphics

Angela DuQuaine

Email :

Call/Text : 715-575-9392

1263 S Main St

PO Box 38

Shawano WI 54166

Or contact the Shawano Area Chamber of Commerce


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